Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My "no mo net neutrality" experiment on a public computer at a car dealership today

Today, while waiting for my car at a dealership, I tried the public computer, a standard desktop with XP.  My own blogs on Blogger loaded OK after the first one came up, but my WordPress blogs on BlueHost were very slow.  Another WordPress blog on Verio loaded quickly.  The I tried CNN, and it loaded very slowly.

The dealership may have an older, slower DSL connection, or the computer could be slow because of hard drive deterioration or malware.  Yet, I wondered if this was a preview of what life could be like without network neutrality.

Would companies ranging from Google to Blue Host pay telecommunications companies for faster access?  Or would individual website owners have to do this? 

I tried everything on my Droid smartphone, and it all loaded pretty quickly, including the BlueHost WordPress blogs.  But in mobile, not as much of the blog infrastructure loads until you “ask” it do. 


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