Friday, November 01, 2013

FAA liberalizes airplane rules on electronics, but maybe I had been breaking them

There are widespread media reports that the FAA is relaxing most of the rules regarding the use of electronics on flights.

Tablets, latpops and smartphones can be used in airplane mode, with local materials, at all times.  I wasn’t aware that they had to be completely turned off.  In the past, I have put my cell phone in airplane mode and no one has complained.

Cell phone calls are not allowed at any time.  I wasn’t aware of that, but usually during flights the connection bars are blank and there is no service anyway at high altitude until landing. 
Internet service on long flights has typically cost about $12 or so, and has generally been pretty effective, enabling blogging on a laptop.  Some ads don’t serve onto websites in the air, however.

CNN’s story is here

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