Thursday, June 06, 2013

Verizon, maybe other telecomms, let NSA spy on ordinary domestic cell phone use

The National Security Agency, under a FISA secret court order in April, has been collecting data on cell phone calls by ordinary Americans, according to multiple media reports.
MSN has a typical story by Matthew DeLuca and Alaistair Jamieson of NBC News, here

The surveillance apparently does not include the contents of calls, but can identify precise location and length. 
People make calls and textx for social purposes from dance floors and bars all the time.  It seems very unlikely that these could attract any interest.
But the Obama administration seems particularly aggressive, compared to Bush, in domestic surveillance of tech devices.  According to NBC, the Obama administration would not confirm the NBC report. 

Some sources indicate that the civilian surveillance had gone on long before the April court order. Maybe the contents and info are going through some profiling software.  It's extremely rare for anything to raise a flag -- but you never know.

Some customers said they would leave Verizon -- but isn't everybody doing it?

Al Gore tweeted and decried this practice today. 

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