Friday, June 21, 2013

Super high-speed Wi-Fi could come soon; Will Obama administration let it happen?

I noticed this story on my smartphone on a day trip yesterday, on CNN Money, “Much Faster Wi-Fi coming soon,”  link here
As a practical matter, it could make your home or apartment cable connection less critical.  How would data transfer limits affect people who want to use faster speeds to watch movies and video? 
Speeds could be close to 100 times current speed, near the theoretical limit 1.3 Gigabits per second.  
They could be a real boon for travelers if the routers become small and portable enough.

Then look at the contrasting piece Friday in the New York Times, p. A19, by Lowell C. McAdam, “How the U.S. Got Broadband Right”, link (website url) here.  McAdam says that the US approach is rather libertarian (I think some of my friends will disagree) and that 80% of US households have wireless speeds of at least 100 megabits per second.  We’re not as good as South Korea.  (And by the way, it occurs to me that a nearby Korean-family-owned supermarket and sports bar here in Arlington s very tech savvy.)   But the article claims that only 2% of households in Europe have similar access.   What about Estonia? Finland?  Does that mean that if I go to Europe and sit outside in a rural French café (isn’t that fun?) I could miss the latest news.  

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