Saturday, May 18, 2013

On my day trip to the high country in West Virginia -- no Verizon service at all in most spots in the Mountain State, not even 1X

On my day trip to the high country in West Virginia (around Franklin) today, I was unable to get my Verizon Droid smart phone to work at all.  I was told in Franklin in a convenience store, "we get ATT only".

In other rural sections of the state, I've gotten "1X" coverage where the phone gets connected to Sprint.  Verizon seems very weak in the Mountain State.

It seems to me that the telecomm companies should work out their contracts among one another so that a phone works anywhere in North America.

When I lived in Minneapolis, until late 2003, I had a USWest phone, which did not work at all in northern Virginia when I moved back here, even though USWest had a building in Ballston in Arlington/

Cellular phone service ought to be portable (like health insurance and pensions).

Picture: Crest of US 250 on Allegheny Mountain on V Wa border, 4300 feet elevation. Verizon had worked in Monterrey VA, 14 miles away (as 3G).

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