Tuesday, May 07, 2013

FAA will soon allow tablet electronics during flight takeoff and landing, but not cellular use

The FAA is likely to loosen rules regarding passenger electronics and allow some devices, especially tablets and e-readers, to be used during flight takeoff and landing. But they are not likely to allow cell phone use during these periods, according to widespread media reports at the end of March 2013, such as in Digital Trends, here

My experience in flight on a smart phone is that telephone connectivity does not stay up for long, and generally recovers only upon landing. 
Airlines are continuing to increase paid subscriptions for inflight Internet service, and paid one-time connections (which are pricey, up to about $14), even for narrower jets and shorter flights, such as here on American, link. AA calls it "Stay Entertained".  

I used this service on Delta returning from California last May.

You might enjoy this missive, “What flying was like in the 1960s”, (website url) here.  I remember that, going from DC to Kansas for graduate school, and later in 1969 when starting my job interviews while still in the Army. 

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