Thursday, May 02, 2013

Cellular companies lagging on improving security to prevent smart phone thefts

Brian X. Chen and Mal;ia Wollan warn, in a New York Times article May 2, that the “industry looks the other way” on Cellphone thefts, in a front page article here
The report indicates that cellular carriers have a conflict of interest and have little incentive to fix the problem.
There is a national database for stolen phones, but many stolen films are shipped overseas.
However, Verizon says that a stolen phone, once inactivated on its database, cannot be reactivated.
Washington DC Police Chief Kathy Lanier has been vocal on calling for more industry attention to the problem to reduce the incentive to street crime, especially on the Metro.
Google doesn’t offer any theft-deterrence software inits android, but it is available from third parties.  Apple has been ambiguous on improving security beyond location on iCloud.  

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