Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The "Pebble" wristwatch makes staying in touch while driving or biking safer/

This may not be much of a “network neutrality” issue, but it seems as though the Pebble will bring back the need for the wristwatch. 
It’s pretty clear that looking at a watch for the time or for traces of tweets or messages is more acceptable when driving or biking than picking up a cell phone – merely being seen holding one could get you pulled over in many states.  And pretty soon cameras will probably enforce no phones rules.  I wonder if new cars will. Bikers will really like this product -- even allowing for "Premium Rush". 
This is as good a basic reference as any, link

Apparently Eric Migicovsky made effective use of Kickstarter, which can work for “real product”, but not abstractions like mine.  

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