Monday, March 18, 2013

Who needs to "root" his cell phone?

My own Motorola Android is “getting old” and is probably “inferior” to the iPhone.  But I picked up, at a BN, BDM’s “Advanced Hacks + Guides + Tips for Android”.  The book appears to come from the UK.
Of particular curiosity is the chapter on “rooting” your phone, on p. 90.  It seems a bit risky, because you could “brick” your phone (make it unusable for good), and it’s hard to imagine the benefits.  But maybe for some people, some custom ROM software really does work better.  Maybe something like software that gets you a taxi quickly in a dangerous area of a particular city, or some other particular issue in interfacing with the physical world.  Rooting usually requires Java JDK and HDK.   (Somehow the term hints at shaving.)  On poage 96, the booklet talks about rooting with a tool called “SuperOneClick”, as well as the more complicated “Revolutionary” (an ironic name, given the substance of a recent NBC miniseries). 

I'm not sure what the legality of all of this is, assuming even that you are on your original contract.  

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