Saturday, February 02, 2013

FTC encourages mobile apps to have same privacy as desktops -- disco "kids" don't care

Mobile devices so far do not seem to offer users the same degree of control over privacy or “do not track” possibilities as laptops and desktops, and that is a situation that the FTC wants to change, according to a New York Times story Saturday in the Business Section by Edwart Wyatt, link here

The article discussed a social network called Path.

Many people don’t want mobile applications to disclose their physical locations, invitations to burglary or to stalking.  That doesn’t seem to be as controllable as it should be.
On the other hand, if you just notice how people behave on dance floors, interrupted by constant texts – they want to know where their friends are – exactly, and constantly – even if only fifty feet away in darkness, strobe lights and noise.   I don’t see how kids can text so well without seeing anything.  I can’t. 

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