Monday, January 28, 2013

NYTimes follows up on story of high speed in KC area, with op-ed on high speed for everyone in US

Susan Crawford has an important op-ed in the New York Times on Thursday January 24, 2013, “How to get America Online” (pun), called also “How to get high-speed Internet access to all Americans”, link here

The story follow an important report on Google Fiber in the Kansas City area.

Crawford reports that US law allows cable and telecommunications policies to remain monopolistic many areas, and that FCC regulation (under Genachowski) has not done enough to encourage competition.  

Telecommunications companies are sometimes able to lobby effectively to reduce competition.
It seems inexcusable that we would not have high-speed access comparable to that of other countries, like South Korea.
In the northern Virginia suburbs, most customers can choose between Verizon Fios and either Comcast or Cox.  While Internet access speeds are adequate for most video, they would not support the higher volume uploading that some filmmakers would need (and that Google’s YouTube allows for users with “good reputations” (not causing copyright complaints)).  .  

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