Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013: Is net neutrality still an issue?

Visitors may enjoy a post by Daniel Brenner, “Net Neutrality: A Solution in Search of a Problem”, in Forbes, in September, 2012, link (website url) here

Brenner, like many other commentators recently, warns against allowing the ITU to regulate Internet access protocols (this has been discussed on the International Issues blog and on my main blog Dec. 3).

But Brenner notices that there seems to be very little attempt on the part of service providers to manipulate speed of access to content by ordinary home or mobile users, since the FCC rules of 2010.  There has been controversy over manipulation of access speeds related to bandwidth use.  And very large outfits can pay for faster bandwidth.

There does seem to be a question of infrastructure investment.  Why are our access speeds less than those of, say, South Korea?

USA Today on Jan. 3 published the top ranking five countries in citizen Internet use as Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Lyxembourg.  The US is not in the top 5, at least. 

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