Monday, September 24, 2012

The "I broke my smart phone" problem

Take a look at Michelle Singletary’s “Color of Money” column Sunday Sept. 23 in the Business Section of the Washington Post, “Billions spent on busted iPhones”, link here

People do drop cell phones into toilets, it seems, and not just in the movies.  
Modern smart phones, including Droids, may be more vulnerable than smaller phones were to damage, and sometimes have batteries that are harder to replace.  I once dropped my Motorola Droid on a Metro escalator trying to put it in my pocket, and I’ve had trouble with overfilled cokes at movie theaters. But so far, no damage.  Once in a while, the Droid seems to lose charge quickly, for no reason.

The best “insurance” she says, is to keep the older phone, which could be reactivated if you break the new one (if you didn’t change companies) until the contract time runs out. 

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