Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Synergy between cable and wireless; why a need for a cable modem upgrade?

The Business Day section of the New York Times on Monday Sept. 24, 2012 led off with a story by Amy Chozmick. “Mobile services and cable TV are unexpected allies”, link here

The detailed news story covered the business results of Verizon’s purchase of Spectrum from Birght House, Cox, Comcast, and Time Warner – the idea that pseudo-cable services can be provided wirelessky that the cable and wireless industries can cross-sell (just as in financial services). Any possible possibility of trust or monopoly?

To the contrary, it could be good for consumers.  Right now, it’s difficult to find arrangements where you can watch much video on 4G networks without data overage.  Cross-selling will provide backups for consumers when lines are down because of storms, and will probably encourage wireless companies to allow more video watching without excess data problems.

I got a package from Comcast yesterday with a new Arris modem.  I don’t recall the letter from them (I do recall a letter on the Xfinity security system , which would compete with ADT).  I don’t know why the upgrade is necessary, and one risks having a problem with doing a switch.  I’ll report what this is for when I find out and install it. 

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