Friday, July 27, 2012

Road games: Your iPad is your bullpen

How good is wireless Internet on the road?

Wednesday, I tried it in three random locations in the Virginia and West Virginia border areas, using the Verizon New iPad and a Gateway Windows 7 netbook.  In one location I could not connect. In two others, it started to work after about ten minutes of patience.

I had to turn the “hotspot mode” off on the iPad, go to Safari, and wait about five minutes for the iPad Safari to find its normal Verizon Internet access (according to my own contract) from an appropriate nearby tower.  

I could then go to Settings, switch back to Hostpot on, let the iPad go to sleep once, then reawaken it, and wait for WiFi to say “On”.

Then, the Gateway Internet connection options would find the iPad, and when clicked, would offer the connection mode, which should be “Public” when on the road.
When you play on the road, the home team bats last and knows how many runs it needs.  You take your turns paying your dues. 

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