Monday, June 04, 2012

Amtrak's WiFi service is spotty at best

Ron Nixon has an article Sunday in the New York Times Travel section on Amtrak’s WiFi service, called “Missed Connections”, here

I’ve never been able to keep a stable Internet connection with it.  I’ve used Verizon MiFi and now the new iPad as a hotspot on the train, with fair success.  But returning from NYC last Thursday mid-day, I had trouble even with the Verizon iPad connection in New Jersey and later between Wilmington and Baltimore.

Amtrak may be using Verizon’s service, accounting for similar results.

On Amtrak, with the service “free”, there may be much more competition for bandwidth than with modern airlines GoGo service, which requires paying a fee.  But the service, with a train moving at 90 mph, has trouble keeping connections.  In my experience, connectivity comes back when the train slows or stops.

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