Sunday, February 19, 2012

Broadband access in rural areas is improving, but still raises questions as USPS considers reducing service

The Washington Post has a major story at the bottom of the Business Page Sunday, Feb. 19, “No Broadband yet, soon no post office either", suggesting that the USPS shutdowns of smaller post offices will hurt rural communities that still have weak broadband (or maybe none).   

You can check the progress of broadband (both wired and wireless) on a major site, such as Broadband Map (link).  I tried a town in western Kansas (67878), where a KU roommate had been found, Tribune, and found some service at 768 kilobyte per sec (the 3G standard).

If you try Dedham, IA (51440), in the newspaper story,  you do find Iowa Telecom at 3G speed (contradicting the story).

The Post story is by Emily Stephenson and Cezary Podkul, here

Lightsquared is considering “punting” by swapping bandwidth with DOD, while the government claims it still presents a problem of possibly interfering with other devices, Venturebeat link.  

This idea of the Reston company would seem to help with the entire broadband availability issue.
Advocacy groups have been maintaining that an FCC auction of airwave space will help pay for an extension of the Social Security tax cut, typical story here

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