Sunday, December 04, 2011

Liberal media asks questions about cell phone towers and WiFi and health; same questions about high tension power lines

There has been controversy recently about cell phone use, and people’s (especially children and teens) using them too close to the skull without a Bluetooth earpiece, or keeping them close to the body.  The danger may be greater in areas of weaker coverage.

Christopher Ketcham has a long and blistering but speculative article in Earth Island Journal, reproduced on AlterNet recently, “Radiation from cell phones and WiFi are making people sick—are we all at risk?”  (website url link).  This called the largest human public health experiment ever, 24x7.  Here’s the link.  The story starts with serious problems on a farm in Ohio in 1990 after an early cell phone tower was installed nearby.  I remember some concern over a cell phone tower going up near my apartment in Fairfax County VA in 1995, before there was much reliable information (either way) on any risk. 

But living hear power lines – especially the high voltage transmission lines running cross country, is also said to be risky for some distance near them.  Here’s a typical link,  or another one called “Power Line Fact” (link), and even the EPA admits to some risk (here). 

Can nearby power lines – that is, their induced magnetic fields – harm electronics like laptops or pc’s?  I’ve wondered this when driving with a laptop and stuck on a two-lane road on the same side as a transmission line for miles at a time.  But I’ve never really had a problem.  Does anyone know?

But back in the 1960s, there were complaints that home electronics in the Pittsburgh area were damaged by devices at a nearby military base.  

One would assume local zoning rules would preclude building residences in areas likely to have problems, but do we really have a handle on this? 

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