Thursday, November 03, 2011

Apple's iTV could "revolutionize" the cable TV industry with new competition

The morning after PBS aired its biography of Steve Jobs (see Movies blog today), the Washington Post published an article by Joshua Topolsky, in “The Verge” series, “How iTV, Jobs’s last project, could transform home entertainment”, link here

Curiously, the article appeared on Google before Washington Post’s own search engine could find it.  This may be related to Google’s recent effort to bring new “quality content” to the top of search engine results quickly.

The “Integrated Television Set” would access television content through apps rather than conventional channels, and of course would depend on efficient broadband (which could be wireless or depend on a home wireless router).  But it would possibly make the use of broadband capacity more efficient, and force cable companies (whether xFinity, TW, or the newer Verizon FIOS) into more flexible pricing plans and to offer better customer service, especially in areas where they have monopolies.
Was iTV to become Jobs’s “one last thing”?

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