Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Publication of FCC Net Neutrality rules in Federal Register will lead to flurry of court challenges, on both sides

Abigail Phillips of the Electronic Frontier Foundation has an article Oct. 3 about the flurry of legal challenges following the publication of the FCC’s new “Network Neutrality” rules in the Federal Register, with EFF (website url) here.

The Government Printing Office link for the new rules (simple text) is (website url) here

The rules are criticized for their exceptions (allowing telecommunications carriers to intervene prospectively to stop putative copyright infringement).

The National Journal has a discussion of the various legal challenges from telecommunications carreirs, who say that the law unconstitutionally differentiates wireless carriers from traditional wired services, (website url) link for the story (Josh Smith).

The Media Access Project, like EFF, maintains that the neutrality rules could turn out to be spineless, and has a large page on the issue (website url) here

There is a lot to sort through here.

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