Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Idaho, in mountain states, is the slowest in catching up on Internet connectivity

Rural mountain areas may still be lagging behind in efficient, stable Internet access, according to a story today in the New York Times by Katherine Q. Seeyle, “For Idaho and the Internet, Life in the Slow Lane”, link here.

It’s hard for telecomm companies to invest as much in providing speed and especially reliability in areas with such low population density and natural barriers.  There was a time when people in remote parts of the country experienced local self-sufficiency, with less expectation of contact from the outside world.  In mountainous or other remote areas, the Internet towers or cables are subject to the elements and to large wild animals.

So, do we have “My Own Private Idaho?”

Here’s a YouTube video by Save Rural Broadband, Montana:

Wikipedia attribution link for Idaho topographical map   (68 meg, very big file).

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