Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cell phone contracts leave consumers committed to inferior service, and some price hikes

The Red Tape Chronicles on MSNBC are reporting the latest incident of telecommunications “gouging”, in a story by Bob Sullivan, “Sprint raises fee, but won’t free users from two-year contracts”, link here. There is a good question as to whether carriers can legally raise incidental fees in the middle of contracts.

Verizon offered me a new “Obamaphone” – a “new” Blackberry in mid 2010, but it has turned out to be inferior -- and will remain so for me until mid 2012. The batteries wear out, and Internet drops off and has to be reset (you turn off all your connections and turn them back on), and is generally slower than “other people’s” at discos. And it doesn’t always display Mobile sites properly. For example, it doesn’t recognize Blogger sites converted for optional mobile display (Androids do recognize it).  It does recognize MLB (baseball),  CNN and most newspapers in mobile mode.  Verizon will let you raise your minutes allowance – that doesn’t depend on your equipment contract.

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