Monday, August 01, 2011

AT&T lowers access speeds to some heavy users; Fox charges for some Internet re-airing; Internet TV will cause cable rates to rise

Ceclia Kang and Hayley Tsukayama wrote in the Washington Post today that AT&T will lower access speeds to the top 5 percent of its users who stay on unlimited plans, that are no longer available to new subscribers. The link to the story is here

The story seems commensurate with recent decision by Verizon to no longer offer unlimited data to new customers.

All of this contradicts the rapid growth of the use of Internet TV and streaming, popular with younger customers, as reported in another story today in the “Metro” Post Express, p 12, which may cause cable rates to raise and for networks to charge for rewatching episodes of shows, which Fox already does within one week of broadcast for non subscribers of Hulu or Dish Network. 

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