Thursday, May 12, 2011

E-Commerce Times presents new Net Neutrality overview

There is a recent article, dated May 11, 2011, “Net Neutrality in a Nutshell”, in the E-Commerce Times, by Peter S. Vogel, link here.

The biggest legitimate concern is that a broadband provider could allow one major content service (as in movie streaming) lower rates than another, resulting in the favoring of some content over others. On the other hand, broadband providers may need to take action against individual users who abuse the system (as with massive P2P downloads). Electronic Frontier Foundation rightfully shows concern that neutrality could be violated in trying to prevent supposed copyright infringement.

I looked at a posting on Google’s public policy blog from back in 2007 that does given an overview of the network neutrality debate – with emphasis on the fact that being a communications connection provider is a very different beast from being a content provider or moderator (or searcher).  Since this three part article was written, wireless has become much more important as a player that can provide practically everything. The link is here.