Saturday, April 23, 2011

FCC might play "eminent domain" with traditional broadcasters, for wireless growth

Edward Wyatt has an important story in the Friday, April 22 New York Times Business Day, “A Clash Over the Airwaves: Broadcast Spectrum Is Coveted for New Wireless Use”, link here.

There’s a quasi-eminent-domain exercise going on, as the FCC approaches broadcasters to sell or auction off parts of their spectrums, unused or designed to keep interfering frequencies apart, to wireless companies to help more rural areas get effective broadband.

There are still 11 million households that use only conventional antennae for broadcast reception.  There was a time when universal UHF was actually an issue, and became available earlier in some less urban communities  (like Huntsville AL in the 1950s) than in major cities. 

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