Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are there good reasons to use dial-up? Is it still around?

Someone sent me a link to a piece “10 Good Reasons to Use Dial-Up Internet”.

Back around the time of Y2K, I used AOL dialup at 56K and for most business surfing and Web1.0 it worked fine. I used it until about 2005.

But I wonder how you would handle automated Microsoft operating system updates or big anti-virus updates. McAfee updates back in 2001 could take about 8 hours in dialup, which required a second land line.

What happens when people convert to digital voice land service? Will dial-up work with Comcast XFinity or Verizon FIOS?  (Actually, Comcast says that XFINITY should work; here is the link.)

I still think that people without reasonable broadband, at least as good as MiFi or cellular wireless, are at serious disadvantage.

Here’s the link.

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