Friday, March 04, 2011

Telecomm companies play the lobbying field heavily, in both parties

Libertarians (and anti-neutrality forces) will enjoy the column by Timothy P. Carney in the Washington Examiner Friday, p. 13, Regulatory warfare ensnares the wireless world,” link here

Carney talks about regs that kept some players up in the air, in outer space; but hedge funds dealt some deals that got around all this, something like a forerunner of “The Event”.  Carney mentions Falcone, SkyTerra, and Harbringer  Capital Partners. These names call to mind the mysterious cell towers in Somalia in “FlashForward”, as if the telecomm companies know “there’s going to be another blackout.”

Seriously, the point of Carney’s piece is that telecomm companies paid lobbyists to play both sides of the partisan spectrum.  It doesn’t sound like the telecomm industry is a place for “intellectual honesty” about public broadband policy. 

Picture: Lookout Mountain, TN

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