Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rural areas using creative wireless to catch up; wealthy exburban homeowners suddenly find out they have no Internet otherwise

Washington DC local state WJLA presented the disappointing slowness of rural broadband tonight. People sign contracts for homes in exurban Loudoun County communities to find no cable broadband yet. Small companies are mounting stationary devices at high points to feed off of major cellular wireless and provide reasonable connections (otherwise direct Blackberry or cell device hookup). 

My own experience with cellular wireless on the job (government) is very good. For ordinary home or small business or publishing use, it’s adequate.  For streaming video, you still seem to need land-based (cable or FIOS) broadband.  The other night, Netflix had to reset it’s send once during a 96 minute film when Comcast slowed down a bit as more users climbed on. 

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