Friday, January 21, 2011

Verizon draws criticism for "silly" suit against FCC

Rob Pegoraro has a pointed blog entry today, criticizing Verizon’s lawsuit to have the FCC net neutrality rules overturned.  The link for the column (Washington Post) is here

True, the FCC might have exceeded its congressionally authorized authority to call telecomm companies “utilities” to issue ambiguous regulations.

But the columnist objects to Verizon’s using his monthly fees to file questionable suits.

Telecomm companies say that they need to keep a handle on the explosive growth in broadband use, especially through home wireless networks connected to cable.  However, the telecomm companies have pushed this arrangement, rather than continuing to use hardwired multiple connections.  Increased use included streaming video (as from Netflix) and increased use of “cloud” backup services from Carbonite and web security companies.

Companies could also face issues as some people mix uses, including using their own connections to work from home, which can cause provisioning issues. It’s better for employers to use cellular wireless for homework. 

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