Thursday, January 20, 2011

Economist: Real competition would promote neutrality; FCC has contest on developing apps to monitor ISPs

The Economist has a major article on net neutrality which maintains that the basic problem in the US is not enough telecomm companies compete in any one market to get consumers the choice that in practice would guarantee content neutrality. The link to an abridged version online is here; the full version ("A Tangled Web" may be seen in print Dec. 29, 2010.

The Economist also is critical of the FCC’s waffling on what is unreasonable discrimination.

Readers will want to check out an Electronic Frontier Foundation by Richard Esguerra, “FCC Contest Seeks Better Data for Net Neutrality” (website url) here. EFF provides an anecdote from 2007 of the original difficulty in verifying claims of Comcast’s supposed mediation of BitTorrent traffic.

 The FCC link is here and it encourages contestants to develop applications that enable consumers to monitor Internet access and effectiveness.   They call it the “Open Internet Challenge”. 

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