Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do FCC rules apply business-to-business; Metro PCS joins Verizon in suing FCC; Cable companies fight streaming video

Ceclia Kang writes in the Washington Post Tuesday that Metro PCS is following Verizon in suing the FCC over net neutrality rules. In a slightly earlier article Kang described how Metro PCS was blocking access to “freight lines” like Skype, Level 3 and Voxel, and testing the FCC as to whether its rules affected “business to business” relationships. The longer article appeared in print today in the Post on p A14, “Net-neutrality complaints pile up;  ‘ Noise around the issue’ led Verizon to sue to halt FCC rules”, link here. Level 3 has complained also about Comcast after Level 3 struck a deal with Netflix, which Comcast says is now taking 20% of bandwidth during peak hours.

PC World had an article in Dec. 2010 called “Kill Your Cable, If You Dare” by Jeff Bertolucci, which is hard to find online, but is on Scribd (website url) here  (you have to scroll to it). In the February 2011 print issue, James Keck has a letter (p. 9) to the effect that cable companies are already monitoring excessive bandwidth use, a trend which would reverse the convenience of Internet to watch streamed movies and most episode-based network  television shows.  It seems that the telecomm industry is fighting within itself, trying to keep the older model (hardwired cable) profitable as long as possible, but it may be a doomed effort. 

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