Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Consumer use of Web for conventional TV and movie streaming could affect FCC neutrality implementation, and challenge conventional cable TV business model

On January 4, USA Today ran a story by David Lieberman on how the Internet is cutting into traditional cable TV. “Is it time to cut the cord on cable TV? Web, other options begin to shake up home viewing” is the front page print title, and online, “Web and other options are shaking up how we watch TV”, link here.

More networks offer most episodes of all major series “free” with Internet commercials interrupting occasionally, much as in broadcast. That will also increase broadband use and challenge the limits of wireless, especially in rural areas. It will also raise questions about how the FCC interprets its new controversial “neutrality” policy with consumers watching so much more “conventional” film and television on the Web (even 3D; “amateur” 3D video cameras are available now for about $1200!).

One thing annoying about cable companies is not always carrying important channels (the LGBT-oriented Logo had trouble getting on in some cities), or having different channel lineups, which will sometimes be different again even in motel chains.

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