Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hotels vary in how good the WiFi is for business travelers; university-owned may be the best

Here’s an article from New Years Day this year (2010) to the effect that cheaper chain motels are better at offering WiFi than a lot of five star hotels around the world. The TechCrunch article (by Sarah Lacty: “Hotel WiFi should be a right, not a luxury”) is here.

But of course, the quality of the WiFi is also an issue.  If you pay for it, some hotels will give you a more secure, encrypted connection (although you should have a good firewall on our travel laptop anyway, and always use https for business transactions).  Generally, you get a logon id and password, and the first time you may be prompted to install a secure-connect application. (Whether you need it may depend on your operating system and what security updates XP or Vista may have already sent you.)  Hotels owned by universities or colleges typically use the campus system, which is typically of high quality but may be stricter as to acceptable usage policies.

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