Sunday, October 03, 2010

FCC approaches "put up" time on its own plan for net neutrality

Rob Pegoraro has an interesting perspective in the Washington Post on Sunday, Oct. 3, Business, p G5, “It’s put up or shut-up time for FCC’s net neutrality advocates”, link here.

Pegoraro argues that while startups might rightfully fear the effect of communications providers charging more for the “passing lane” (or HOV lane), in practice no providers seem to want to do this for legitimate uses, although they may want dedicated lines for medicine or very limited prime services, and they may want the ability to charge for really excessive use, especially P2P.

The FCC has indeed proposed that it can impose net neutrality by reversing a 2005 decision that had put telecomm companies under looser regulation than phone companies. This is called a “Title II Reclassification” related to the Telecommunications Act of 1934.

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