Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FCC meltdown led to "a separate peace" between Internet giants

Sam Gustin has a piece in Daily Finance, “How FCC Bungling Led to the Google-Verizon Deal”, link here (provided by AOL Aug. 19).  The two companies “bailed out” of the talks (it sounds like a project getting canceled – I experienced that with a consortium back in the early 80s) and struck their own deal. That is to say, for really premium content, it’s OK for telecommunications providers like Verizon to set up premium connections and charge more. This would be OK for real-time health care information, or remote participation in surgery, or for a revamped aviation traffic control system or for a smart energy grid. “Ordinary content”, like my blogs, or Daily Finance, or Yahoo!, or Salon or the Huffington Post, (or YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace) could be treated in a neutral fashion on the regular Internet.

The article leads to another link with this embedded video where Sam Gustin explains the private deal to Amy Stone.

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