Thursday, August 05, 2010

FCC criticized for 1-on-1 talks with big telecom, content companies

Ceclia Kang has a story “FCC draws fire over talks with Internet, telecom giants on ‘net neutrality” on p A13, Economy and Business, of the Washington Post on Thursday, Aug. 5.

Companies like Verizon, AT&T, Google and Comcast are discussing neutrality with the FCC in “1:1” meetings, from a “best practices” perspective, which would, for example, allow corporate content providers higher video resolution and bandwidth when they pay more for certain infrastructure facilities and robustness. They would also allow companies to make legal agreements regarding preferred pricing plans for using one another’s facilities.

The companies insist that there is no censorship of content or preference based on subject matter (gay rights, immigration, tea parties, and the like).

The FCC is backing away from its strategy of classifying broadband access providers as telecommuniucations services, which it says it could do, however awkwardly, without Congress.

The link for the story is here.

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