Thursday, August 12, 2010

Companies divided on "cable-ization" plans that challenge net neutrality

The philosophical underpinnings and conceptual meaning of “network neutrality” are experiencing even more perturbations these days, as companies want to offer specialized “supra-Internet” services on faster channels for which speed and robustness or storm-proof reliability would have to be paid for separately. A good example would be health care and eldercare remote monitoring, and another would be the smart energy grid. All of these ideas also pose security issues, since they potentially place major pieces of national infrastructure within the reach of hackers. The general term for this is “cable-ization” of the Internet, borrowing on the concept of paying more for premium channels.

The story “Web Plan Dividing Companies” appears in the Business Day section of the August 12 New York Times, is by Claire Cain Miller and Brian Stelter, and has this link.

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