Sunday, June 20, 2010

FCC invents a "Title 1.5" concept to start classifying ISP's so that it can implement "net neutrality"

Jennifer Martinez of the McClatchy News Service wrote on June 20 that the Federal Communications Commission voted on June 17 to start classifying Internet Service Providers as instrumentalities of a “highly regulated telecommunications service” like the (former) Bell System companies. The regulatory framework will be called “The Third Way”. The link is here.

Scott M. Fulton III has a “Policy & Law News” article on May 6, 2010 called “The Third Way: FCC attempts strange ‘Title 1.5’ broadband reclassification,” link here.  One problem is that its network neutrality ideas based on the 1996 formulation of information services doesn’t fly under “Title I”. The opposite pole has been the “Title II” formulation of an ISP as a “real communications service”.

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