Thursday, June 03, 2010

AT&T will no longer allow new smart phone and iPad users unlimited bandwidth at one price

AT&T will stop letting new consumers sign up for unlimited data bandwidth plans for smart phones and iPads, and charge for excessive bandwidth use, according to an AP story by Peter Svensson. AT&T says it will help ease data congestion from heavy users. The link for the story is here.

I'm pretty used to bandwidth limits myself, as with a regular website. But these limits have gotten very large, although maybe a DOS attack would exceed them. With my own Blackberry, there are minutes and bandwidth limits with Verizon, but these have not been an issue so far.

Unlimited anything can get to be unsustainable. I can recall a time when people predicted that car rental companies would stop allowing unlimited mileage.

The controversy is similar to that of cable Internet providers starting to warn users of really excessive use, as with P2P users.

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