Thursday, April 01, 2010

Washington Times presents "opposing viewpoints" on Obama-FCC broadband policy initiative

The Washington Times, on Maudy Thursday April 1, has a good “opposing viewpoints” or “point-counterpoint” on the FCC-Obama plan to make broadband a basic utility for all Americans, even in the most remote areas.

Andrew Moylan, of the National Taxpaers Union (link), writes “Spare us the broadband plan: everything is working just fine without the Obama meddling”. Moylan gives statistics apparently showing that most Americans already have access to broadband or at least wireless, and that for those who do not, satellite providers (“the dish”) can offer speeds 18 times faster than dialup. I don’t know whether Tea Party site (Fox) Searchlight Nevada has broadband, but it’s pretty remote. I think Sarah Palin has broadband. The link here.

Larissa Herda (CEO of small telecomm companies in Colorado, Everwood-style) has a counterargument “New broadband policy s good start: FCC needs to rapidly improve its business focus”, link (web url) here. Her arguments are more familiar.

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