Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do garden apartments with heavy satellite use lack conventional broadband?

While driving around some old haunts near the location of the first job of my career, I noticed something about two adjacent garden apartment complexes, one of which I had lived in from 1970-1971 (my first apartment). I won’t name them here, other than to say they are in New Jersey in a reasonably prosperous and gradually exurbanizing area.

One of the complexes had satellite dishes all over the place. The one I had lived in did not. The logical conclusion might have been that land-line broadband had not yet arrived to the other complex.

I don’t know how well most garden complexes are doing now in offering cable and broadband, but it’s an interesting consideration.

It’s even more critical in high rises, as broadcast signals often don’t work too well, even with master antennas (they never have in my experience; I had cable in New York City as early as 1975).

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