Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some webmasters till have to use dialup still

CNN has a story this morning (March 16) “A webmaster without the high-speed web, about Kelli Fields, who still runs a website from a rural home in Oklahoma with dialup. High-speed fiber-optic cables have not yet reached her residence, although she could get high speed access through a relatively expensive satellite connection. She does use broadband at work. It's dangerous to run a website now with dialup only because automatic security updates are so difficult.

Lack of broadband access would also make it difficult for some people to apply for jobs, especially at major companies, or start small businesses.

The story by John D. Sutter is “A webmaster without the high-speed web” here.

Ceclia Kang has a story on the front page of the Washington Post Tuesday March 16, “FCC plan would greatly expand Internet connections,” link here. This follows on to a similar New York Times story documented here Saturday, March 13.

Mid-size telecomm providers might benefit the most from the FCC plans, which involve using funds originally intended for rural telephone service to be directed to broadband. Congress, especially GOP members, want the FCC to stay focused on brining broadband to everyone. This seems to be a bipsartisan priority.

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