Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Peering" competes with centralized Internet routing, complicated net neutrality debate

The Science Times section of The New York Times has an interesting long article by John Markoff, “Striving to Map the Shape-Shifting Net” today March 2, link here.

The article discusses a neo-novel technique called “peering” , linking different businesses or entities in a “meet-me” environment without depending on centralized server routing to big players like ATT, Comcast, Mae-East and West, and the like. On the other hand, the huge centralized servers have become necessary to handle the enormous increase in video traffic and on-demand movies (as from Netflix). The newspaper page is well illustrated with drawings of blobs ("it crawled out of the woodwork" from "The Outer Limits") that resembled depictions of "branes" used to theorize parallel universes.

The complexity of the environment is going to challenge the very meaning of “network neutrality” rules as recently developed by the FCC.

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