Thursday, February 11, 2010

A new experimental network 100 times faster than now

We often hear that the United States lags behind other countries (especially South Korea) in broadband speed. So now Google has announced plans to build and beta test an experimental broadband network with speeds up to 100 times faster than normal. Up to 500000 people may be able to use it in the test. The company link is here. The company says it will follow strict neutrality policies in managing the experimental network.

One of the biggest uses will be medical, with the ability of surgeons to supervise operations thousands of miles away, or for supervision of emergency medicine in the field. The military could obviously make use of it.

Obviously, the technology could deliver movies and music much more efficiently, and could change business models in Hollywood and in the music industry. The management of licenses and copyright would of course have to be addressed.

Device Mag has a similar story, here.

I have to say that Comcast broadband speed is adequate. Netflix movies play OK. But it does slow and sometimes stall during busy times, and then start working correctly when Comcast restarts the connections.

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