Sunday, January 03, 2010

Where does DOCSIS3.0 fit into broadband growth

Can traditional cable Internet compete with FIOS with technologies like DOCSIS3.0? Internet magazine CED has a piece by Mike Roebuck from May 2008 describing how some cable companies, including Comcast, had implemented it in some areas to improve downstream speeds for home and small business operators, but the cost sounds high. The article is here.

More current is an article by Laura Hamilton in “Broadband Gear” dated Dec. 10, 2009, “Cable Engineering Outlet 2010 Part I”, that indicates DOCSIS3.0 is moving ahead, link here.

DOCSIS refers to the acronym “Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification”, Wki article here.

But how does this relate to the problem of extending broadband to remote areas?

Here's an older FTC Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy, Staff Report, link here.

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