Friday, January 08, 2010

A technical oddity about a Cable TV remote

Here’s just a mini story about Cable. In 2007, I bought a Dynex flat screen TV for the basement at Best Buy, and took home a demonstration unit and Remote Control Panel.

The unit never had the ability to set the channel to “3” with the controls without remote control. The available channels are “4”, “65.3” and “65.1”. With effort, the “3” gets set up by pressing the channel only on the Remote.

The unit gets hosed if you press the wrong button in haste. And eventually the Remote, always touchy, stopped working. And it appears that the Remote supplied by the store may not be the correct one for the unit (look here). AAA battery replacement made no difference.

But here was a trick. Hold the remote right in front of the screen, turn the unit off with the remote, and turn it back on with the remote. Then, all the sudden, it starts responding again to the Channel 3 from the remote. Don’t know why it works this way.

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