Thursday, January 21, 2010

Network Neutrality rules already would exlude "protection" of copyright infringement

Fed von Lohman of Electronic Frontier Foundation has an important piece Jan. 20 about the MPAA and RIAA proposals to incorporate “exceptions” to network neutrality rules so that ISP’s could police copyright infringers. The link for the story is here.

Network neutrality rules would not apply “neutrality” provisions to illegal content, including copyright infringement. Therefore what the MPAA and RIAA want is a broader net that would allow them to interfere with lawful user behavior in order to catch a few more infringers. To some extent we see this already with the way the DMCA safe harbor provision works in practice: non-infringing content is often mistakenly taken down first, and the speaker has the responsibility to prove that his content does not infringe. As the article says, it’s hard to catch fish without catching whales and dolphins.

Isn't some of this a ploy by the RIAA and MPAA to protect "old business models" from upstart, low budget, "do it yourself" competition?

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