Friday, December 11, 2009

Small-town Vermont struggles to get broadband during credit crisis

Tunbridge, Vermont struggles to find funding for high speed Internet service, with the latest proposal a $100 million fiber-optic project. Ordinary cable companies find land lines too costly to build in this mountainous, less populated area, and some politicians look at broadband as a “luxury”. But small businesses say that broadband is now an essential utility for survival, and the question becomes existential. One of the small businesses in the report is a sheep farm.

Funding for the fiber-optic project would have been a cinch two years ago, before the credit crisis that unraveled in 2008. How’s that for social justice, Suze Orman?

The report is in a WSJ video link here.

Wikipedia link for Vermont Population density. Tunbridge is half way up, near the NH border.

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