Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fox, Time Warner Cable dispute could pull plug on some bowl games New Years Day

So, Fox and Time Warner Cable are in a dispute that, if not settled by midnight New Years Eve, could lead to TW customers not getting Fox programming, including many bowl games and American Idol, New Years Day and into 2010.

Fox wants Time Warner to pay (more) for programming. Where have we heard that before. And it will be passed on to consumers. The FCC is jawboning the two parties into trying to settle before midnight.

The AP story is by Ryan Nakashima, with link here. It was also run on Yahoo!

So some customers who went out and converted old rabbit ears boxes, or who use "The Dish", may be better off.

I had Time Warner in Minneapolis.

Time Warner Cable was spun off from Time Warner holding company earlier in 2009.

Update: Jan. 1 2010

The negotiations continue, but TW is allowing Fox to be broadcast New Years Day.

Update: Jan 5

There is a similar dispute between Scripps and Cablevision over Food Network and HGTV taht may not get resolved at all. AOL covered the story here.

Here are the remarks by Guy Fieri from "I Love Food Network" on YouTube.

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