Tuesday, December 29, 2009

AT&T finds it hard to keep up with iPhone demands in Manhattan

AT&T stopped selling Apple’s iPhone to Manhattan residents over the weekend, directing to pick another phone, because of difficulties in satisfying the data volume demands of typical urban iPhone customers, whose behavior on popular shows like CWTV’s “Gossip Girl” probably exaggerates the problem at bit. Niraj Sheth has a subscription article on the Wall Street Journal here; the article appears in print on p B1, Marketplace, on Tuesday December 29.

Cell phone companies in some large cities have difficulties supplying good service everywhere when there are many skyscrapers over a large area, as in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, or many Asian cities in China, Japan, Malaysia, etc. In other cities, like Washington DC (or many European cities) where there are many fewer tall buildings their task is much easier. It is probably easier in cities where downtowns are relatively concentrated. In some cities like Dallas there are many tall buildings but they tend to be spread out in urban development centers in various areas of the city. These cities are easier to design service for.

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